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Sensory Friendly Playtime

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For some children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders, a visit to museums like ours is challenging or over-stimulating. The Exploring Our Way: Sensory Friendly Playtimes are exclusive to families of children with special needs. These FREE monthly, low-sensory events are designed for children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders allowing them to explore the Museum along with their families without the noise, crowds, and stimulation of a typical day.


Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, April 5, 1-4pm >>

Wednesday, May 3, 1-4pm >>

Sunday, May 21, 9am-Noon >>

Wednesday, June 7, 1-4pm >>

While the museum is open (with regular admission) to the public during these monthly Exploring Our Way playtimes, we limit the number of families who can attend, turn down sounds and lights, provide a quiet zone with sensory activities away from the exhibit floor and have noise cancelling headphones to borrow. A medical diagnosis is not required, but online pre-registration is.

The Details

  • Register online in advance

  • Plan-your-visit resources available:

    • Take a look at this social story that walks through what to expect during a visit to the museum.

    • This YouTube video will give you an overview of the exhibits

    • Or you can tour the museum virtually with this 3D virtual tour

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