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Virtual STEAM Workshops

The education team at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire have created virtual formats for some of their most popular school group visit programs! These are perfect for elementary age students, K-4.


  • Each program includes hands-on experiments and activities that can be done in the classroom or at home.

  • Short videos allow students to see the museum exhibits while learning about each topic, and try experiments and activities on their own.

  • Each hands-on activity comes with instruction sheets.

  • Our programs are NOT live. This allows teachers to go through videos and projects at their own pace, and to show videos more than once if needed, pause, and rewind. Between possible technology glitches, scheduling, and students learning both in the classroom and at home, the education team chose this format because it would be the best option to allow teachers flexibility in their program options and needs.

What topics can I choose from?

  • Finding Science in Folk Tales - Join us for a trip around the world as we investigate animal science through popular folktales and legends! Participants travel from East Africa to Brazil and beyond as they hear how the King of the birds was chosen, why Bear has a stumpy tail, and more. Each folktale will have a corresponding animal science focused experiment or activity.

  • Nocturnal Animals - Who? Who? Who is out in New Hampshire forests at night? Take a virtual journey into the world of nocturnal animals with educator-led experiments to try in the classroom, and a nocturnal animal sound guessing game. Students will learn about nocturnal animals and the adaptations that help them survive. Students will make a nocturnal animal inspired craft to take home.

  • Engineer a Fairy Tale - Imagine if popular fairy tale characters were...engineers! Students will learn about the engineering design process, and will be invited to think like an engineer to craft a boat for The Gingerbread Man, design a bridge for The Three Billy Goats, test houses for the Three Little Pigs, and create their own parachute for Jack to jump down from the Beanstalk. Students love building, and these open ended challenges allow for creativity and problem solving.

  • All About Flight - Up, up and away! Learn about the physics of flight in this virtual lesson. Educator led experiments will help students understand the forces - or pushes and pulls - involved in flight. Students will learn about the Engineering Design Process and get to make their own flying contraptions to try out.

What does it cost?

  1. Videos with materials for 25 students: $250 (Bulk materials will be shipped directly to your school)

  2. Only Videos: $175 (We provide you with a supply list and links to order on your own)

  3. Thanks to funding from The Lincoln Financial Foundation, the Children's Museum of New Hampshire is offering one of these four Virtual Programs, including materials, to school-wide NH, Maine or Mass Title 1 elementary school classrooms for free on a first come, first served basis (must reach out between October and March). If you are an educator from a Title 1 School, please reach out to Meredith Brustlin at

How do I sign up?

Once you have decided you'd like to participate in a Virtual Group Program, fill out this form. Please note, filling out this form does not mean you have scheduled a Virtual Group Program. Once we have your form and all your info, we will reach out to you about next steps. If you have questions about booking a program, contact Meredith Brustlin at If you have questions about payment, contact Sarah Strangas at

Q. When will I receive the videos and materials for activities?

A. The digital materials will arrive upon payment for the program. To have materials shipped directly to your schools in bulk from Amazon please book at least two weeks in advance.

Q. How will you send the videos?

A. We will email you a Google Drive folder to access the video links and written instruction sheets for the activities. You do not need a Google account to access this folder. Videos will be linked to private YouTube pages. Activity sheets will be able to be printed to distribute or saved as PDFs and emailed for students learning at home. Please note: When you book these virtual programs, you are agreeing to offer these videos for your classroom use only. Do not copy or share videos with other classrooms.

Q. How can I share the videos with students who are learning at home?

A. We are asking that teachers find a way to share the videos that is somewhat private. Since many schools are paying for this service, we want to do our best to make sure the videos are not shared "far and wide" free of charge. There are a few options to do this:

  • Email the video links and PDF instructions to students

  • Use Google Classroom or a similar platform to share the video links with your students

  • Use screen sharing on a video call to show the videos

The materials will be in bulk and can be divided into kits for students learning from home. Each activity sheet has a supply list, so students may also use materials they already have at home.

Q. I'm not getting the activity materials, will there be written information about how to do the project to accompany the videos?

A. Yes! Each project has an activity sheet that lists materials needed, directions, and questions to inspire children to think beyond the lesson content! The materials needed for projects should all be fairly easy to find at home.


What is Play Based Learning?

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