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Programs Included with Admission

The following programs are included with museum admission, and the only thing you need to do to participate in them is to sign up for a corresponding play session.

Please note: Although we do our very best to always offer what we've promised, activities are subject to change.

Wacky Art Wednesdays

in the Muse Studio

Wednesdays at 10:30am during Morning Play Sessions (9am-Noon)
or 2:30pm during Afternoon Play Session (1-4pm)

Join us at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire during our play sessions at either 10:30am or 2:30pm to do a wacky and wonderful art project. Project and activities are subject to change. Online reservations/pre-payment is required for each play session (links below), but no further reservations are needed to participate in the Wacky Art programs. Online reservations open no more than 4 weeks out at a time. Activities usually last about 30 minutes.

Want to join in Wacky Art Wednesday? Simply reserve spots in the museum's morning or afternoon play session that corresponds to the date of the Wacky Art Wednesday you want to join - it's included with museum admission, and as always, free for Members!


Join us for Science Friday at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, a time of messy experiments and activities that focus on sensory fun! These activities are a jumping off point for learning about scientific concepts like states of matter or immiscible liquids.

Want to join in Science Fridays? Simply reserve spots in the museum’s morning or afternoon play session that correspond to the date of the Science Friday you want to join - it’s included with museum admission, and as always, free for Members!

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Sponsored by the state of New Hampshire on behalf of the UNIQUE College Investing Plan.

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10:30 AM AND 2:30 PM 

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire’s Learning Garden activities will begin when the museum’s summer hours start, the week of June 20, 2023. 

  • Learning Garden activities will be on Thursday mornings and afternoons, and will include a guided activity around different themes. There will also be garden themed “tinkering” activities each week. Weekly themes could include learning about pollinators, planting seeds, making pots, seed balls or flower art, garden harvesting, and more.

  • The museum’s Learning Garden is located next to the Dover Adventure Public Playground in Henry Law Park, and is available for visitors to explore when the museum is open (depending on the weather). 

  • Food from the garden will be used for museum programs, offered to garden visitors to take home, or donated to a pantry if the harvest allows. 

  • This summer the Learning Garden will have a “three sisters” garden bed that includes beans, corn, and squash. A “three sisters” garden includes three main crops of various Indigenous peoples of North America: squash, maize, and climbing beans. When planted together, the “three sisters” work together to help one another thrive and survive. 

Garden activities are included with museum admission, and as always, free for Members! To participate in a Learning Garden activity, simply reserve a Thursday morning (9am-Noon) or afternoon (1-4pm) play session. Reserve online here >>

The Learning Garden is sponsored by Whole Foods.

Bubble Show!

Sunday, July 9 at 10am

$1 Family Fun Day

Saturday, July 22!

Informal Play Groups

Informal Play Groups will return in the Fall!

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