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Ages 0-3

While the entire museum can be explored by ANY age, including babies and toddlers, we've created a space on the second floor of the museum just for this age group!

Primary Place: An Early Learning Landscape

Perched on the museum's mezzanine level, Primary Place has been designed specifically for the museum's youngest visitors, from birth through age 3. Its colorful, comfortable setting provides a stimulating and safe environment for play and learning.

Babies and toddlers will love exploring the Baby Butterfly Garden with its whimsical wall mural, soft sculpture elements, and early learning activities. There is a Parent Resource Center within this area, as well as a cozy nursing nook.

The Pond area simulates the colors and textures of a real pond. Children will discover stepping stones, animal puppets, and other surprises among the reeds and grasses along its edge. This landscape encourages imaginative play and helps develop fine and gross motor skills.

To work off some wiggles, climb over under and through a toddler friendly Climbing Structure.

The ever-popular Train Table area allows children access the elaborate Brio train village from all sides; they can even crawl under to play from the middle. The table is multi-tiered to simulate mountains and valleys and surrounded by a custom-painted New Hampshire landscape mural.


Why is there and age limit for this exhibit?

We believe it is very important for our youngest visitors and their families to have a separate, enclosed and secure place in the museum, away from the "hustle and bustle" of "big" kids. This area was designed with their learning needs and physical size in mind.

If your child is interested in this exhibit, you are welcome to come in and explore together. Please be sensitive to the needs and safety of our youngest visitors.


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